Discover the Legacy of a Leader

The Margaret Thatcher Centre is a vibrant hub for all ages, both from the UK and around the world, to explore the life, values, and achievements of Margaret Thatcher. Through an array of engaging events, historical exhibits, and dynamic educational programs, visitors can immerse themselves in her remarkable story.

Our Mission

Dedicated to honoring Margaret Thatcher’s character, principled leadership, and extraordinary accomplishments, the Centre serves as a living monument for generations past, present, and future. Here, visitors can celebrate and learn about her unwavering commitment to freedom, democracy, the rule of law, hard work, patriotism, and faith.

How We Help

At the Margaret Thatcher Centre, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of one of Britain’s most influential leaders. Through our diverse programs and events, we aim to educate, inspire, and engage individuals from all walks of life.

Visitors attended our educational exhibits and events last year
Students participated in our groundbreaking internship programme
Attendees at our flagship Freedom Festival celebrated the principles of freedom and democracy

By offering a unique blend of historical insights and educational opportunities, we continue to make a significant impact on those seeking to learn about and honor Margaret Thatcher’s enduring legacy.

Student Internship Programme

The Margaret Thatcher Centre’s student programmes are at the heart of our mission, educating the next generation about Thatcher’s life and values. These groundbreaking programmes offer selected students a unique educational experience, fostering a deeper understanding of her legacy.

Events at the Centre

Our vibrant events programme includes exclusive dinners, private lectures, and the renowned two-day Freedom Festival. For details and ticket information, visit our events page. Quick links for ticket purchases will be available as soon as tickets are released.

On This Day

25 years ago today, Margaret Thatcher left Downing Street as Prime Minister for the last time. The Margaret Thatcher Centre works to educate future generations about her life, values and achievements.