About The Margaret Thatcher Centre

The Vision of the Margaret Thatcher Centre

Margaret Thatcher had a passionate interest in instilling her ideas and values in the next generation of leaders. She saw her principles – freedom, democracy and the rule of law – as needing to be defended at every turn. She knew that battles needed to be fought anew by each generation, otherwise our ancient freedoms risked being lost forever.

The Margaret Thatcher Centre was thus born with a purpose: to ensure that Margaret Thatcher’s principles, vision and legacy lived on.

Since being set up as a charitable project with the active support of Margaret Thatcher, the Centre has adopted an innovative approach in order to educate the next generation. It has run a student scheme in partnership with the Citadel, events with world leaders in London, and formed an enduring partnership with the University of Buckingham, where Margaret Thatcher was Chancellor.

Looking to the future, the Margaret Thatcher Centre has great plans for expansion. This includes building on the events, student programmes and other educational activities that have proven so successful.

If you would like to support us by attending our events or donating to the Margaret Thatcher Centre, you may do so by clicking on either of the two hyperlinks.

We look forward to continuing and expanding the important foundations set out by Margaret Thatcher.

Student Internship Programme

The Margaret Thatcher Centre’s student programmes are at the heart of our mission, educating the next generation about Margaret Thatcher’s life and values. These groundbreaking programmes offer selected students a unique educational experience, fostering a deeper understanding of her legacy.

Events at the Centre

Our vibrant events programme includes exclusive dinners, private lectures, and the renowned two-day Freedom Festival. For details and ticket information, visit our events page. Quick links for ticket purchases will be available as soon as tickets are released.